• I don't know what questions to ask, where should I look for help?

    We’ve set up a few different kind of questions you can ask candidates, here are some examples of good questions to ask below.

    Multiple Choice: Are you legally able to work in the US?

    Multiple Choice: Do you have reliable transportation?

    Essay: When faced with a conflict at work, how do you handle it?

    Essay: What does your ideal workday look like?

    Essay: What makes you a good fit to work for us?

  • Can I send multiple questions per job?

    You can only send three questions at a time per job. If you update your questions after candidates have taken it, all the icons will turn gold and previous answers will not be viewable.

  • Are questions editable?

    Once you have saved the initial questions, you cannot edit them. If you want to change a question, you will have to delete it and start over.

  • What do I do after I create questions?

    Hit "Send to Candidates" and just wait for responses to come in. If you decide to just use the pre-existing default question, it will be sent 4 hours after you initially sync with the app.

  • What are the questions?

    The questions make up your pre-screen interview used to help qualify candidates. You can ask up to three multiple choice or essay questions.